w Weight
W&B Weight and balance
WAC Weapon aiming computer
WARPAC Warsaw Pact (defunct)
WAS Weapon aiming system
wash-in In-built twist in wing or rotor increasing angle of incidence towards tip
wash-out In-built twist in wing or rotor decreasing angle of incidence towards tip
watt Unit of power (= 1J/s) (SI)
waypoint Predetermined geographical point forming beginning or end of a route segment
WBT Web based training
WDNS Weapon delivery and navigation system
WEF With effect from
wet lease Lease of commercial aircraft from another carrier including at least flight crew but usually not the cabin crew; major service still provided by owner
wet wing Wing in which fuel tanks are integral part of the structure
WEU Western European Union
WFU Withdrawn from use
WGT Weight
wheelbase Distance between centre of nosewheel or tailwheel and line joining centre of mainwheels
white-tail Unsold or presently not leased aircraft available for immediate lease/sale
wide body Commercial aircraft with cabin large enough to accomodate two aisles
WIG Wing-in-ground-effect
Wild Weasel Nowadays used as a generic term for dedicated EW platform based on combat aircraft; originally code name for specific USAF program
wing area Total area of clean wing and area of fuselage within projected leading edge and trailing edge
winglet Wingtip which is turned up; increases efficiency of by reducing tip vortex
wing loading MTOW divided by wing area
WIP Work in progress
W/O Written-off
WIU Weapons interface unit
WOD Wind over deck (on aircraft carrier)
WOW Weight on wheels
WRAF Women's Royal Air Force (UK)
write-off An aircraft which has been so severely damaged as to make repair uneconomical
WRNG Warning
WRS Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (USAF)
WSI Windshear indicator
WSO Weapon system operator
also:   Weapon systems officer
WW World War
WXR Weather radar
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