t re: tonne
t/c Thickness/chord ratio
T-O Take-off
T&TW Test & Training Wing (USAF)
T/W Thrust/weight ratio
TA Terrain avoidance
also:   Target aquisition
TAC Tactical Air Command (USAF)
Tacamo Take charge and move out (US Navy)
Tacan Tactical air navigation (military UHF navaid)
Tacco Tactical commander
also:   Tactical co-ordinator
Taceval Tactical evaluation (NATO)
TAF Tactical air force
taileron Tailplane which is used as primary control surface for both pitch and roll
TANS Tactical air navigation system
TARCAP Target combat air patrol
TAS True airspeed
also:   Tactical alerting system
also:   Target aquisition system
TBA To be announced
TBD To be decided
TBM Tactical ballistic missile
TBO Time between overhauls
TBR Time between removals
TC Type certificate
TCAS Traffic alert and collision avoidance system
TDS Tactical data system
TDY Temporary duty (US)
TEG Test & Evaluation Group (USAF)
TER Triple ejector rack
TERCOM Terrain contour matching; navigation system
TES Test & Evaluation Squadron (USAF)
TET Turbine entry temperature
TF Task Force
TFG Tactical Fighter Group (USAF)
TFR Terrain following radar
TFS Tactical Fighter Squadron (USAF)
TFTS Tactical Fighter Training Squadron (USAF)
TFW Tactical Fighter Wing (USAF)
TGT Turbine gas temperature
TGW Terminally guided weapon
THK Türk Hava Kuvvetleri; Turkish Air Force
TI Thermal imager
also:   Trials installation
TIAS Target identification and aquisition system
tilt-rotor Aircraft with variable incidence rotors; allows both vertical and fast horizontal flight; rotors are on tips of fixed-wing
TINS Thermal imaging navigation set
TIT Turbine inlet temperature
TLS Tactical landing system
TMA Terminal control area
TMN True Mach No.
TODA Take-off distance available
TODR Take-off distance required
TORA Take-off run available
TORR Take-off run required
TOGW Take-off gross weight
tonne 1000 kilogrammes
TOT Time over target
TOW Take-off weight
top cover High level fighter cover to protect lower flying attack or bomber formations
TPS Test Pilots' School
TR Tactical reconnaissance (USAF)
track Distance between main landing wheels
transceiver Radio transmitter and receiver
transponder Transmitter/responder; radio which automatically sends a precoded reply when triggered by a particular received signal
trim To adjust balance of aircraft, enabling hands-off flight
trim tab Hinged portion of trailing edge of control surface to hold aircraft in trim
TRN Terrain reference navigation
TRS Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (USAF)
TS Test Squadron (USAF)
TsAGI Central Aero and Hydrodynamics Institute of the Russian Federation (Moscow)
TSFC Thrust specific fuel consumption
TSIAM Central Aero Engine Institute (Moscow)
TSD Tactical situation display
TSO Technical standing order (FAA)
TSOR Tentative Specific Operational Requirement
TT Total time
TTAE Total time, aircraft & engine
TTF Tanker Task Force
TTW Technical Training Wing (USAF)
turbofan Basically a turbojet engine with extra turbine stages driving a large diameter fan which generates most of the thrust; most of the airflow bypasses the engine core
turbojet Most basic form of gas turbine; consisting of compressor, combustion chamber and turbine; most energy remains as gas which is expended through a propulsive nozzle at high velocity
turboprop Similar to turbofan, but power is geared-down to drive a propellor
turboshaft Gas turbine which powers a high-speed shaft; usually in a helicopter
TV Television
TVC Thrust vector control
TW Test Wing (USAF)
TW/AA Threat-warning and attack assessment
TWI Threat warning indicator
twist Progressive change of angle of incidence of wing or rotor blade from root to tip
TWR Threat warning receiver
also:   Tower (aerodrome control tower)
TWS Track-while-scan
also:   Tail warning system
TWT Travelling wave tube
TWU Tactical Weapons Unit (RAF)
TYP Type (of aircraft)
type certificate Legal document certifying aircraft or engine and allowing manufacturer to offer aircraft/engine for sale
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