N Newton, unit of force (= 0.225 lbf) (SI)
N/A Not applicable
also:   Not available
NAAFI Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes
NAC North Atlantic Council (NATO)
also:   Naval Air Command (UK)
NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (US); NASA predeccessor
NACES Navy aircrew common ejection system (USN)
NADC Naval Air Development Center (USN)
NADep Naval Air Depot (USN)
NADGE NATO Air Defence Ground Environment
NAEWF NATO Airborne Early Warning Force
NAF Naval Air Facility (USN)
NAFI National Association of Flight Instructors
NAS Naval Air Station (USN)
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration (US)
NASC Naval Air Systems Command (USN)
NATC Naval Air Training Command (USN)
also:   Naval Air Test Center (USN)
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
nav Navigation
nav/com Navigation and communication
navaid Navigation aid
NavEx Navigation exercise
Navstar Navigation satellite timing and ranging (US); early name for GPS
NAWC Naval Air Warfare Center (USN)
NBAA National Business Aircraft Association (US)
NBC Nuclear, biological, chemical
NCO Non-commissioned officer
NDB Non-directional beacon; radio-navigational aid
NDT Non-destructive testing
Newton re: N
NFO Naval Flight Officer (USN)
NFWS Naval Fighter Weapon School (USN)
NFZ No-fly zone
Ni-cd Nickel-cadmium
Nite-OP Night imaging through electro-optics
NLOS Non-line-of-sight
nm Nautical mile (= 1.852 km = 1.151 statue mile = 6080 ft)
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US)
NOE Nap of the earth; helicopter or aircraft tactic using natural cover of trees, hills etc.
noise footprint Precisely defined area of ground around a runway, over which noise of an aircraft may not exceed a specified level during take-off and/or landing
NORAD North American Aerospace Defence Command (US)
NOS Night observation surveillance
NOTAM Notice to airmen; an advisory notice regarding the establishment, condition or change in any aeronautical facility, service, procedure or hazard
Notar No tail rotor (helicopter)
NPT Non-Proliferation Treaty
NSA National Security Agency (US)
NTPS Naval Test Pilot's School (USN, Patuxtent River)
NVFR Night visual flight rules
NVG Night vision goggles
NVS Night vision system
also:   Noise vibration suppression
NWC Naval Weapon Center (USN)
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