J Joule, unit of energy (SI)
JAA Joint aviation authorities (European)
JAR Joint aviation requirements (European)
JAR-FCL JAR-flight crew licensing (European)
JAR-VLA JAR-very light aircraft (European)
JASDF Japanese Air Self Defence Force
JATO Jet assisted take-off
JCAB Japan Civil Airworthiness Board
JCS Joint chiefs of staff (US)
JDA Japan Defence Agency
Jet A-1 Standard aviation fuel, turbine kerosine
JGSDF Japan Ground Self Defence Force
JHSU Joint Helicopter Support Unit
JIT Just in time
JMSDF Japan Maritime Self Defence Force
joined wing Tandem wing layout; wingtips of forward and aft wing meet, creating a diamond-shaped planform
joule Unit of energy (= 1 Nm = 1 Ws) (SI)
JP-1 Original kerosine; aka Avtur; aka NATO F35; replaced by Jet A-1
JP-2 Improved kerosine (obsolete)
JP-3 Wide-cut kerosine and gas oil fractions
JP-4 Widely used aviation fuel; aka Avtag; aka NATO F40
JP-5 Dense, high-flash kerosine; aka Avcat; aka NATO F45
JP-6 'Heart-cut distillate'; improved thermal stability
JP-7 Specifically produced for mach 3 aircraft such as SR-71 'Blackbird'
JPT Jet pipe temperature
JSC Joint stock company
JSOR Joint services operational requirement
JTIDS Joint tactical information distribution system
JTS Joint Training Squadron (USAF/USN)
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