h Hour
HAAC Helicopter air-to-air combat
HAARS High-altitude airdrop resupply system
HADAS Helmet airborne display and sight
HADS Helicopter air data system
HALE High altitude, long endurance
HALO High altitude, low observable
also:   High altitude, low opening (parachute)
HAR Helicopter, search and rescue (UK)
hardened Affording maximum protection against effects of nuclear blast
hard point Reinforced load bearing to which weapons or stores can be attached
HARS Heading and attitude reference system
HAS Hardened aircraft shelter
HASC House Armed Services Committee (US)
HC Helicopter, cargo (UK)
HDD Head down display; display on cockpit instrument panel
HDG Heading
HDU Hose drum unit; inflight refueling equipment
HE High explosive
HEL High energy laser
also:   Helicopter
helicopter Rotary-wing aircraft in which engine power is applied to a horizontal rotor(s) which provide both lift and propulsion
HF High frequency
HIFR Hover inflight refueling equipment
HI-LO-HI Mission profile with high altitude ingress, low-level attack and high altitude egress
HMD Helmet mounted display
HMG Her Majesty's Government (UK)
HMS Helmet mounted sight
also:   Her Majesty's Ship (RN)
HOCAC Hands on cyclic and collective (helicopters)
homebuilt Aircraft designed to be built or assembled from plans or a kit by an amateur constructor; re: kitbuilt
hot and high Combination of high temperature and high altitude which has a detrimental effect on performance
HOTAS Hands on throttle and stick; describes location of controls on fighter aircraft
hovering ceiling Altitude at which rate of climb of a helicopter becomes zero
hp Horsepower
HP High pressure
HPC High pressure compressor (jet engine)
HPT High pressure turbine (jet engine)
HQ Headquarters
hr Hours
HS Helicopter Squadron (USAF)
HSD Horizontal situation display
HSI Horizontal situation indicator
HSS Helicopter support ship
HST Hypersonic transport
HUD Head-up display
HUDWAC HUD weapon aiming computer
HUDWASS HUD weapon aiming sub-system
HUMS Health and usage monotiring system
HVAR High velocity aircraft rocket
HYD Hydraulics
Hz Hertz; cycles per second
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