g Gramme
G Acceleration due to gravity; generally a unit in measuring the nett lift on aircraft
G limit Maximum acceleration due to gravity
G/A Ground-to-air
GA General arrangement; a 3- or 4-view drawing of complete aircraft
also:   General aviation
GaAs Gallium arsenide
GAL Gallon
GAO General Accounting Office (US)
GAPAN Guild of AirPilots and Navigators
GAT General Aviation Terminal
GAU Gun aircraft unit (US)
GBU Glide bomb unit (US)
GCA Ground controlled approach
GCI Ground controlled interception
GEN General
GEO Geostationary Earth orbit
also:   Geographic
GFE Government furnished equipment
GFRP Glass-fibre reinforced plastic
GGS Gyro gunsight
GIFAS Groupement des Industries Francaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales; France's aerospace manufacturers association
GLCM Ground-launched cruise missile
GLD Glider
glide ratio Distance travelled along track divided by height lost; in still air and unpowered
glideslope Vertical/altitude guidance element of an ILS
glove Inmovable root section of a variable geometry wing
GmbH Gesellschaft mit beschraenkter Haftung (German); limited liability company
GMT Greenwich Mean Time; re: UTC
GNS Global navigation system
GP General purpose
also:   Glide path
GPI Glide path indicator
GPMG General purpose machine gun
GPS Global positioning system; formerly 'Navstar'
GPU Ground power unit
also:   Gun pod unit
GPWS Ground proximity warning system
GR Ground attack reconnaissance (UK)
green aircraft Completed airframe, flyable but minimally equipped, without paint and interior
GRP Glass reinforced plastics
GS Ground speed
GSE Ground support equipment
GTO Geostationary transfer orbit
GTS Gas turbine starter
GW Guided weapon
gyroplane re: autogyro
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