EAA Experimental Aircraft Association
EADI Electronic attitude display indicator
EAS Equivalent airspeed
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
EAT Expected approach time
EBF re: externally blown flap
EC Electronic combat
also:   Escadre de Chasse; French fighter wing
ECAM Electronic centralised aircraft monitor
ECCM Electronic counter-countermeasures
ECM Electronic countermeasures
ECS Electronic combat squadron (USAF)
also:   Environmental control system
ECU Electronic control unit
also:   Environmental control unit
EDU Engine diagnostics unit
also:   Electronic display unit
EEZ Exclusive economic zone
also:   Economic exclusion zone
EFCS Electronic flight control system
EFIS Electronic flight instrumentation system
EGT Exhaust gas temperature; sometimes referred to as JPT
EHF Extremely high frequency
ehp Equivalent horsepower
EHSI Electronic horizontal situation indicator
EICAS Engine indication/instrumentation and crew alerting system
EICMS Engine in-flight monitoring system
EIS Electronic instrument system
ekW Equivalent Kilowatt
EL Emitter locator
elevator Moveable surface which controls pitch of aircraft
elevon Control surface on wing trailing edge which combines functions of aileron and elevator; usually found on delta-winged aircraft
ELF Extremely low frequency
elint Electronic intelligence
ELS Emitter locator system
ELT Emergency locator transmitter
EM Electromagnetic
EMC Electromagnetic compatability
EMD Engineering and manufacturing development
EMI Electromagnetic interference
EMP Electromagnetic pulse
EMS Emergency medical service
envelope Outer covering of airship or balloon, encloses hot air or the gas
EO Electro-optical
EOBT Estimated off-block time
EPNdB Equivalent perceived noise decibel
EPR Engine pressure ratio
EPU Emergency power unit (not for propulsion; on board of aircraft)
ER Extended range
EROPS Extended range operations
ERU Ejector release unit
eshp Equivalent shaft horsepower
ESM Electronic support measures
also:   Electronic signal monitoring
Esmo ESM operator
ESSS External stores support sytem
ETA Estimated time of arrival
ETD Estimated time of departure
ETE Estimated time en route
ETOPS Extended range twin operations
ETPS Empire Test Pilot's School (UK)
EUCLID European co-operation for the long-term in defence
EW Electronic warfare
also:   Early warning
EWO Electronic warfare officer
EWSM Electronic warning support system
externally blown flap A flap over which engine bleed air is blown to prevent airflow seperation
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