DAB Defence Aquisition Board (US)
Dacron Covering material for light aircraft (trade name)
DACT Dissimilar air combat training
DADC Digital air data computer
DADS Digital air data system
DAFCS Digital automatic flight control system
DARPA Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (US DoD); re: ARPA
databus Electronic network for passing digital data between system processors and aircraft sensors
dB Decibel
DBNS Doppler bombing/navigation system
DBS Doppler beam sharpening
DC Direct current
DDI Digital display indicator
dead-stick landing Landing a powered aircraft with all engines stopped
dem/val or: DemVal Demonstration/validation
derated Maximum power of powerplant deliberately set below maximum possible power
DEW Distant early warning (US)
DF Direction finder
DFCC Digital flight control computer
DFCS Digital flight control systemn
also:   Digital fire control system
DFDR Digital flight data recorder
DFVLR Deutsche Forschungs- und Versuchsanstalt für Luft- und Raumfahrt; German aviation research establishment
DGAC Direction Générale a l'Aviation Civile; French civil aviation authority
dibber bomb Bomb which penetrates a concrete runway before exploding
dihedral Upward wing inclination from root to tip
DINAS Digital inertial navigation/attack system
DINS Digital inertial navigation system
dirty Aircraft configuration with landing gear, flaps, spoilers etc. extended
disc loading Helicopter (or tilt-rotor) weight divided by main rotor disc area
disposable load Total weight which can be loaded and unloaded (payload, usable fuel, crew)
DLC Direct lift control
DME Distance measuring equipment; navigation aid, measures distance to ground station
DMU Data management unit
also:   Distance measuring unit
DMZ Demilitarised zone
DoD Department of Defence (US)
dog-tooth Step in leading edge where chord increases; aka saw-tooth
double-slotted flap Flap with additional aerofoil ahead of main flap
dry lease Leasing arrangement between two airlines without crew or supporting services
DTE Data transfer equipment
DT&E Development test & evaluation
duty runway Designated runway for flying operations at a specific time
DVI Direct voice input
DZ Dropping zone
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