C Celsius or centigrade
c/n construction (or: constructor's) number; manufacturer's serial number
C/R Contra-rotating
also:   Counter-rotating
C2 Command and control
C3 Command, control and communications
C3CM Command, control, communications and countermeasures
C3I Command, control, communications and intelligence
CAA Civil Aviation Authority (UK)
CAB Civil Aeronautics Board (US)
cabane Structure to support load above fuselage or wing
cabin altitude Height above S/L at which ambient pressure is identical to the inside of the cabin
CAD Computer aided design
CAF Canadian Armed Forces
CAM Computer aided manufacture
CAMS Computer aided maintenance system
canard Fixed or moveable foreplanes ahead of CG
CAP Combat air patrol
CAR Civil airworthiness regulations
CAS Calibrated airspeed
also:   Calculated airspeed
also:   Close air support
casevac Casualty evacuation
Cat Category
CATAC Commandement Aérienne Tactique; tactical air command of France
CATIC China National Aero-technology Import and Export Corporation
CBLS Carrier, bomb, light store (RAF)
CBR California bearing ratio
also:   Chemical, biological, radiological
also:   Common bomb rack
CBU Cluster bomb unit
CBW Chemical & biological warfare
CCD Charge coupled device
CCIP Continuously-computed impact point
CCTS Combat Crew Training Squadron (USAF)
CCV Control configured vehicle
CDU Cockpit display unit
CEAA Commandement des Ecoles de l'Armée de l'Air; air training command of France
CEAM Centre d'Expériences Aériennes Militaires
CEAT Centre d'Essais Aéronautiques de Toulouse
Ceconite Covering material for light aircraft (trade name)
CEO Chief executive officer
CEP Concurrent evaluation phase
also:   Circular error probability
CEV Centre d'Essais en Vol
CFB Canadian Forces Base
CFE Conventional Forces in Europe (treaty)
also:   Contractor-furnished equipment
also:   Central Fighter Establishment (RAF; defunct)
CFI Certified flying instructor
CFIT Controlled flight into terrain
CFE Conventional Forces in Europe
CFRP Composite fibre-reinforced plastics
CFS Central flying school
CFT Conformal fuel tank
CG Centre of gravity
CGAS Coast Guard Air Station (USCG)
chord Width between the leading edge and trailing edge of an aerofoil
CIP Common integrated processor
CinC Commander-in-Chief
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States (loosely: former Soviet-Union)
CKD Component knock-down (parts delivered for assembly)
CLCD Colour liquid-crystal display
clean (aircraft) flight with flaps, slats and undercarriage retracted and no external stores
cm Centimetre
CMS Cockpit management system
CNI Communications, navigation, identification
CO Commanding officer
also:   Carbon monoxide
coarse pitch Large angle between propeller blade chord and propeller disc; giving higher speed
COC Command Operations Center
COD Carrier on-board delivery
C of A Certificate of airworthiness
COIN Counter insurgency
collective pitch Primary helicopter flight control; changes pitch of all rotor blades simultaneously; controls vertical speed and direction
com or comm Communications
combat SAR Combat search and rescue
combi Combined passengers and freight
COMPG Composite Group (USAF)
comint Communications intelligence
constant speed Propeller on which pitch is adjusted automatically to maintain desired rpm
continuation trainer Aircraft used by experienced pilots for refresher training
contra-rotating Propellers or rotors turning in different directions on same axis
counter-rotating Propellers or rotors turning in different directions on different axis
convertible Transport aircraft able to carry both passengers and cargo, but not simultaneously
COO Chief operating officer
core Central, gas generator portion, of a turbofan engine
CoS Chief-of-Staff
COTAM Commandement du Transport Aérienne Militaire; air transport command of France
COTS Commercial of the shelf
CPL Commercial Pilot's License
CPP Cost per passenger
CPS Central processing system
CPT Cockpit procedure trainer
CPU Central processing unit
CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet (USAF)
CRL Common rail launcher
CSA Command support aircraft (USAF)
CSAR re: Combat SAR
CSAS Command and stability augmentation system
CSD Constant speed drive
CSE Common support equipment
CSP Common signal processor
CRT Cathode ray tube
CSW Conventional stand-off weapon
CTOL Conventional take-off and landing
CTP Chief test pilot
CTS Composite Training Squadron (USAF)
also:   Central tactical system
CTTO Central Tactics and Trials Organisation (UK)
CTW Composite Training Wing (USAF)
CV Aircraft carrier (USN)
CVA Aircraft carrier, attack (USN)
CVH Aircraft carrier, helicopter (USN)
CVL Aircraft carrier, light (USN)
CVN Aircraft carrier, nuclear powered (USN)
CVR Cockpit voice recorder
CVS Aircraft carrier, anti-submarine warfare (USN)
CVV Aircraft carrier, medium sized (USN)
CVW Carrier Air Wing (USN)
CW Continuous wave
also:   Chemical warfare
CWR Colour weather radar
cyclic pitch control Primary helicopter flight control; rotor disc tilts in desired direction to cause rotation about roll or pitch axis
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